Hello you beautiful farmers. We have great news for all you POTANFT holders. Our “NFT Series 0” collection is now tradable on Oasis.cash!

This post will show you how to create your auction, or buy your favorite Potato NFT from another user on Oasis.

More information on the NFT’s can be found on our previous post, here:

Step 1

Go to Oasis Marketplace:

You should now be able to see other people’s POTANFT auctions.

Step 2

Connect Oasis to Metamask:

Click or Tap on “Wallet” from the top right of the website, and then “Connect to Metamask”, choose your account and then “Connect”

Step 3

Add POTANFT contract to Oasis:

Choose “Add Contract”, paste the POTANFT contract: 0x23d9B4b351d5C57f38206dB0697B891d2A32732E and then click “Add address”

Step 4

Place your auction!

You now should be able to see your POTA NFT’s on the right side, under “wallet”. Choosing one will take you to its page where you can see its attributes like the name, ID and rarity.

From there you can “Sell” it or “Transfer” it!

Step 5

Enjoy trading your NFT’s!

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