How are you my fellow Potato farmers? Potato Overlord here, coming to you with an important message.

Our meme supplies are depleting, and we need a fresh batch of sweet dank memes STAT! ASAP. As soon as ASAP.

For that reason, I’m announcing our first ever Potato Coin Meme Contest! That’s right, you’ll have the chance to show your humor and win some free POTA while doing it!

Here is an example

Meme Example


Make the meme of your dreams with the program, app or website of your choice (Imgflip is the easiest solution) and post it on Twitter as a reply to this tweet.

You have until Saturday, November 27th 2021 to post your potato memes. We can’t take too long or our potatoes will go bad… After that, the community will VOTE via a Twitter poll on the best memes, and 20 winners will share 4+ MILLION POTA! Oh boy, you’re gonna need a big truck to carry all of them.

Example entry


1st Place: 2,000,000 POTA

2nd Place 1,000,000 POTA

3rd Place: 500,000 POTA

4th Place: 300,000 POTA

5th Place: 200,000 POTA

6th – 20th Place: 10,000 POTA each

This totals 4.16 Million POTA in prizes, but it doesn’t look clean in the title so we’re just gonna leave it at 4 million ?

Eligible Memes

  • Meme has to have a reference to Potato Coin to be eligible for the contest
  • Don’t be mean against other coins in the SmartBCH space.
  • Memes have to be posted as a reply to the Tweet above
  • You have to be following our Twitter page
  • You have to Like and Retweet our annoncement Tweet above

Now, go and make the dankest memes, you beautiful people!

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