POTA NFT Collection 0 Release!

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How are you doing fellow potatoes? I hope no one riped the past few days.

This week has been amazing for Potato Coin and its community but we want to grow even more. Use pesticides you say? Never. We only use natural ingredients to grow our potatoes here.

We’re gonna be using NFT’s! 100 sweet potato NFT’s are in our first collection that represent the potatoes on our website’s home page!

The first NFT collection is called “Collection 0”, marking it’s first release. If you have a programmer friend tell them that 1 is the best number to start counting. Go on, tell them.

Did you tell them yet? Awww were they mad? Anyways, without further ado, here is the collection:

NFT’s and their rarities:

Bob (Common)

Description: Bob is an average potato living an average potato life. There is nothing special about Bob.

Minted: 25

ID: 76 to 100

Maria (Common)

Description: Maria is kinda done with her potato life, but doesn’t give up.

Minted: 25

ID: 51 to 75

Michael (Common)

Description: Michael only likes the first cryptocurrency ever created. Michael is a maximalist and thinks that crypto cannot progress forward technologically and will fight you to the death if you disagree.

Minted: 25

ID: 26 to 50

Potato Overlord (Rare)

Description: Potato Overlord is the potato boss. He oversees all potatoes and takes advantage of them helps them succeed.

Minted: 10

ID: 16 to 25

Potato Specialist (Rare)

Description: Potato Specialist is the marketing genius. She manages the Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and is basically magic potato

Minted: 10

ID: 6 to 15

Potato Coin Logo (Super Rare)

Description: Potato Coin Logo is the mascot of Potato Coin. Its name is a bit demeaning but it signed a contract and so now it can’t object.

Minted: 4

ID: 2 to 5

Potato Coin Legacy Logo (Unique)

Description: The Legacy Logo was our first mascot for the first week of development. It’s kinda ugly and pixelated but that’s what makes it special! Only 1 of these is minted and has the ID of 0

Minted: 1

ID: 1


Your NFT’s are hosted on IPFS, the peer to peer hosting service. Which means that your NFT’s will always be reachable, no matter what happens and how many years pass, your potatoes will never ripe!


POTANFT’s will be distributed for free to POTA holders and liquidity providers.


On Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 19:00 UTC we will be snapshoting the addresses of 100 people who have the highest amount of POTA in their wallet, or provide the most liquidity on Mintswap or Benswap. Those 100 addresses will receive a random NFT ID (1 to 100), which we’ll be rolling from random.org. Then, after a few minutes, we’ll start sending the NFTs. Addresses that have been holding for more time will be prioritized in case of a draw.

How to see my NFT?

You will be able to admire your glorious potato here: https://nft.potatoco.in/nft/wallet.html

How to sell my NFT?

Ok, first of all that’s really cruel, but in case some one wants to sell their potato NFT, they will be able to do it here: https://nft.potatoco.in/sell.html

NFT Marketplace

To see other people’s NFTs for sale, you can go to: https://nft.potatoco.in/index.html

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