This guide will show you how to add SmartBCH and Potato Coin on Metamask.

Step 1

If you already have Metamask and a wallet, skip to Step 3

Download and setup Metamask on your preferred platform.

Step 2

Set up your wallet and save your seed. DO NOT save your seed electronically. Don’t take a screenshot of it. Don’t tell it to ANYONE. This is the access to all of your funds. Best practice is to write it down on a piece of paper and lock it away at a safe place at your house. Bonus points if you can memorize it.

Step 3

By default, it will connect to the Ethereum Mainnet.

On PC: Open the Network interface by clicking/tapping on “Ethereum Mainnet”, then choose Custom RPC.

On Mobile: Tap on the Burger menu (the 3 lines on the top left) -> Settings -> Networks -> Add Network.

Step 4

Fill in the following information and hit Save:

Network Name:





Symbol (optional)


Block Explorer URL (optional)

You have successfully added SmartBCH! You can switch between networks by clicking the network name next to the fox icon. Now, let’s add Potato Coin as well.

Step 5

Click “Add Token”

Step 6

Copy and paste our contract address on the first field: 0xb5b1939ef0a3743d0ae9282dba62312b614a5ac0

It should automatically fill the rest of the fields after a couple of seconds. If it doesn’t, enter “POTA” as the Token Symbol and “18” Token decimals.

Step 7

You have successfully added Potato Coin! Now look at your potatoes in your wallet and be proud!