Thanks for putting your trust into Potato Coin! This explanation shows how you can convert your Potato Coin tokens into real delicious potatoes.

  1. 🥔 Decide how many Potato Coins you want to convert into real potatoes. You can find the calculator on our main page. The next steps will take no more than 5 minutes, so better do them straight away.
  2. 🥔 Send your desired amount of Potato Coins to the address: 0x8254c2dF02451a9dcBd4C2A5cDA5419aDF058eA0. We recommend MetaMask for its simplicity, but any other wallet will work, too.
  3. 🥔 Next, we have to make sure that you made the above transaction. Head over to, find your transaction and copy/paste your Transaction number (TxHash) into the order form.
  4. 🥔 Fill out the rest of the form and submit.
  5. 🥔 Sit back and relax. After you have filled out the form, we will process your request and send you delicious potatoes. If you have any questions, you can send us an email to